Top 5 tools for woodworking

When woodworking is your profession or hobby then you must be very cautious while investing in the tools for your work. The better are the tools the better will be the results.

Top 5 tools for woodworking

Top 5 tools for woodworking

So just to make your work more easier and make your choice of selection more appropriate we have here scrutinized the best 5 tools for woodworking after analysing the reviews and working experiences of several woodworkers.

  • Router table

A woodworker can not work without a suitable router table. Although you may come across many Router tables in the market but you need to be very much particular while choosing the one so as to make your work a masterpiece. The best router table is the one which has flat base, perfect grooves, dust collection mechanism, flat and rigid base and compatibility with the workpiece and after analyzing many router tables we have come to the conclusion that bosch ra1181 is the best router table for the year 2016 as given by router table reviews 2016.

  • Planer

Planer is used to make the rough uneven surface flat. It is used where we working on small scale. It ensures that the entire object or the work piece has uniform thickness. Although for working for large scale production Bosch ra 1181 benchtop will help you to make your workpiece planer by using its flat rigid base.

  • Jointer

A jointer is used to make the edges smooth, straight and square used to make the reference edge which is used for the further processing of the woodpiece. Along with the  joints the faces are also needed to be clean and smooth and for this purpose one may need a device known as jointer. No wooden article is considered perfect until and unless all the curves and edges are smooth and sharp with least or no error.

  • Claw hammer

Although each one of us are well aware of the hammers and have used many a times in our lives but when we are willing to work with the wooden pieces then the hammer should be slightly different from the old primitive one. The hammer used in the wooden industry in the one which has slightly smooth rounded finish head. The weight of the hammer should also not be very much that is it should be average in terms of weight. It should be able pull the nails as comfortably as possible.

  • Chisels

Chisel is that tool which has prime importance in the field of wood art. You can not imagine a wood worker working without this tool. Chisels are although used in many other activities but one must b aware of the type of the chisel he should have while working with wood. The chisel to be used should have finely sharped and should be capable enough to remove waste from the joints. The chisels are divided on the basis of widths such as 0.25”,0.50”,0.75” and 1”.

This was our survey on helping you to know which 5 woodworking equipments you should have if you are planning to go for woodworking. We hope our article will help you out and make your work more efficient.

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